Intro to Computer Networks

  • A computer network or data network is a interconnection of two or more computers or network devices e.g Tablets,Phones.Network allows you to exchange data between devices In computer networks.Networked devices pass data between them along data connections called network links.Data is bundled in a box called the packets
  • .computer-network-networking-austinDifferent types of networks

There are many different types of Computer networks which are used to connects different network devices in different scenarios.Toady we have different network designs making it suitable for operation. Basic categorization the computer networks is divided into several types.

The Most Popular types of networks among networks are LAN (Local Area Network), MAN(Metropolitan Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network).Each one of the network configurations are different and performs at different ranges. So what is the difference LAN MAN and WAN?

Basic difference

  •  LAN or a local area network is basically a group of network devices or computers that are all connected within the same building. Normally the connections are all high speed and comparatively inexpensive.
  •  MAN or a metropolitan area network connects mostly different branches of a same organization spread over larger space and covers several buildings within the same town or city. A typical example to MAN is PTCL (Pakistan telecommunication company limited) which connects its different exchanges together in Rawalpindi through MAN.
  •  WAN or a wide area network is not restricted to any geographical location, but confined within any country or state. Basically a WAN connects different smaller networks e.g LANs and is accessed by any corporation or for the public.The technology is expensive enough but comes with high speed features.The internet is a typical example of WAN.

Other types of area networks

Though LAN, WAN and MAN are the most commonly known network categories but there are some other types which are equally important and has effective role.  WLAN(wireless local area network) is slimier to LAN but instead of connecting devices through physical media(commonly Ethernet cable) devices connect wirelessly.  CAN(campus area network) is network of multiple LANs which are smaller than MAN this are mainly used within any university or organization even in local business.    SAN( storage area network )generally connects different servers to data storage devices with the help of a technology known as the Fiber Channel(Fiber optic cable).  SAN is also another type of network which is known as System Area Network that links all high speed computers with speed connections in a clustered configuration, also known as Cluster area network.


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