How to Start your own blog using WordPress


As the Internet has become more social, blogs have gained in popularity.As to date the time of writing this article there are over 100+ million blogs all over the word.If you are a photographer,author,writer,poet or even if you are a student starting your own blog is a good idea to express your words to world share your knowledge with others & with a healthy discussion on a specific topic.

WordPress is very popular & widely service to create you own blog free using their domain e.g WWW.MYBLOG.WORDPRESS.COM.So i will show you how you can create your own blog using WordPress.

  • Step 1

Go to your web browser and open then click “CreateWebsite”.


  • Step 2

Then type your desired name of your blog you want to start and Cick”Create your site and Continue”.

Screenshot_17 copy

  • Step 3

After that at next step enter your email and your desired username and Password (Note Password should be both CAPITAL and small letters and numbers) the username and password use to login to your WordPress site to write a post & Viceversa.Click “Next Step”wait for a couple of seconds you account will be created.After this Check your email inbox and open activation libk that is send you by WordPress through automated mail system to activate your account (Note:you are nor able to publish any post without activating).


After this wordpress will prompt you to buy your own domain skip this step and click “NO Thanks”.


  • Step 4

In this step yoiu are asked to choose site theme from wordpress free themes you can choose the theme asyour taste.In my case i choose “Edin” theme.WEWE

  • Step 4

After this WordPress will prompt you to select a plan.Point to “Beginner” & click “Free” below this which is free for a whole life.It will take a few seconds to save your plan.


                               Congratulations your site is ready to write posts

Let’s see what we can modify and add more things to look our site/blog more pretty.

  •  Step 5

Click “Customize your site” it will open design tools provided by Theme you can play with these tools to get most out of it.


Screenshot_25 copy

  • Writing your 1st blog post

Open your site/blog e.g then login with username and password you set erlier while creating account.then point to top right icon &”Create new Post”.

Screenshot_26 copy

Then set title of your post and write content in this also you can add media photos videos using write panel at last click bottom left button “Publish to Ummar123”.Your post is Published now. 🙂


  • Something more

While logged in your blog click on left side 2nd option “WP-Admin” it is the control panel of your site/blog called Dashboard here you can play with these tools to modify the settings.



You can also add facebook & twitter Widgets to site like the example given below.


Hope you like this

If you have any question or having trouble in creating blog you can write to or


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