Truecaller -Smart Phonebook With billions of contacts

As a Brand Ambassador of truecaller i am writing this blog post to spread knowledge about truecaller.

Truecaller( A Swedish company)Truecaller offers an ‘integrated’ phonebook, that’s to say that it marries your contacts’ telephone numbers with their presence on social media, email address, etc.Truecaller is a smart phonebook it solves pain point for billions of Mobile phone Users who use their phonebook  to find contacts.

The Truecaller is like a global telephone directory that has caller ID, social media integration and call-blocking functionality.



Things you can do with truecaller

-Block unwanted calls


-See who,s calling(Mostly)


-Block Unwanted text messages


-Birthday synchronization with contacts

-Happy Birthday reminder with Truedialer

-Search & discover million of contacts across world


-See connections to your contacts

-Personalize searches and suggest relevant contacts

Truecaller Stats at the time of writing this post

– Over 100m users globally.
– Adds more than 250k new users/day.
– 1.6 billion phone numbers in the database.
– Over 2b searches are made in Truecaller every month.
– Block more than 6m spam calls/day.
– We have 70 employees around the world – 35 nationalities!
– 37 Brand Ambassadors and counting!
– 500 Truecrew applications per week.


Truecaller will not share your contacts publicly keep in that in mind you can give access to truecaller to access your contacts to help others to better recognize callers.Users can control how their contact information is shared, and how others can contact them. No personal information is available to the public unless you agree for your contact information to be shared through Truecaller.



Truecaller is compatible with all major platforms including  Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia feature phones.

TrueDialer-from the family of truecaller

A smarter way dial a number alternative to legacy android dialer.

Well the  Truecaller says about Truedialer

How do we do this? Well, Truedialer comes with Truecaller search integration. Truecaller has over 100 million users from around the world that are actively identifying new numbers and reporting the “bad guys” (telemarketers, fraud, harrassment, etc.). So, we provide this integration in our other apps, like Truedialer.”



Truecaller  also ‪‎Partnership‬  with Cyanogen OS  to replace default android phonebook & dialerRead more here.…/truecaller-announce-partn…



Competitors Hello app by facebook

In my opinion is it Just another way of spying on people. Like what they already have is not enough? They now going to track and record who we call and who call us and their information?
When you have facebook installed this gives all you and your phone up already allowing every type of permission.




Proud Founders of truecaller Nami-arringhalamAlan-mamedialan-mamedi-nami-arringhalam


Read about Truecaller on Wikipiedia

Truecaller also supports a new feature in android phone  Android users now can be browsing anywhere on their phone, copy a phone number, and Truecaller will instantly try to identify the number and give easy access to calling or texting.

truecaller-app-icon Download Truecaller to know who’s calling and keep spam out!

Truecaller is available for download for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia feature phones.

Truecaller is also designated as Top Developer in google play Store.



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