Becoming an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur -Ummar o Entrepreneurship is most discuss term now days. What is an entrepreneurship? Why should i do?How i Become an successful entrepreneur. If you Love what you do & have an idea + skill but want to implement your vision and develop the product/service for long-term success then this guide will help you through process.

Identify yourself .An entrepreneur must have the have a clear vision in mind. How you implement that will determine success.

As far as I know myself  I consider Myself a “technopreneur.”

“TECHNOPRENEUR”(an entrepreneur involved with high technology)Geek :p

I believe that if you want to do something Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.”


I  will talk about some pre-steps for entrepreneur and after that i will discuss how to avoid something and them conclude all the discussion.


Somehow  when you have an idea you want to do something some people think planning is not important.The planning process can be very useful in overcoming strategic challenges and opportunities that arise along the way.So if you want to be successful entrepreneur plan you business before going for further


Stay consistent through whole process don’t give up as in our regions our society thinks he/she is wasting time only but when the final product is all people will have to face many faces becoming an entrepreneur.If you will be consistent you can change your life.A famous Quote is

“If you are still looking for that one person who will change your life, take a look in the mirror.”

3. Test Idea

Test you idea at lower level,Identify problems and fix them rather then implementing at higher level gain some feedback what others say about this.

4.Know Market

Ask questions, do research and gain experience to help you learn your market , including the key suppliers, distributors, competitors and customers.investigate flaws in current product and make your product better than competitors.

5.Look for an investor

After all your planning and idea you need an healthy investment for implementing your idea .You need a healthy capital for your startup.Look for a investor,show you plan elaborate your idea for future success.prepare slides so you can do more better than oral presentation.For more information about how to get funded you can refer here a very nice article on

propakisatni (

6.Build your “A team”

A famous saying is that “If you want to go fast go alone and if you want to go far go with team”.Finding the skill sets and attitudes that support you and the brand you want to promote.Include peoples from outside the company for the people you rely on.

———————————————————————————————————————————After Reading an article on finally decided to add more words to my article ask yourself these questions & & obviously answer with”Yes”. 

Entrepreneur -Ummar

**These Questions are originally posted on

1. Can you afford financial,risk?

You need to understand the big financial risk associated with starting a business. Your idea may flop, you may be unable to pay yourself for a long period of time and there is always the possibility of losing it all.

If you already have a stack of financial obligations, start your business on the side. That scenario may not be ideal, but it’s still possible to find success this way. If you don’t have those obligations, and you fully believe in your idea, then go all-in.

2. Do you have a strong support system?

If you decide to start a business, the road is going to be filled with bumps and intersections, each with multiple options; you will have questions, lots of them. It’s important to surround yourself with a support system that will be there to help you solve problems, seek answers and be available when you just need to vent.

Having family, friends, mentors and industry connections to turn to will greatly increase the odds of your business being successful. The moral support alone is priceless. Keep the doubters away. They are toxic and need to be avoided if you desire success.

3. If you keep getting knocked down (and you will), are you going to keep getting back up for more?

You are going to get knocked down — most likely several times. There is also the possibility of making a wrong decision that causes you to fall flat on your face. If you are expecting to hit a home run the first time you go up to bat, you may as well not even play this game. You’re going to strike out. You’re going to become frustrated.

What differentiates the entrepreneurs that quit from the ones that go on to experience success is the latter group’s tenacity — their willingness to keep taking devastating punches and their willingness to keep getting back up for more.

4. Can you remain motivated, even without personal luxuries and conveniences?

Could you remain 100 percent motivated while sleeping on the floor and eating mac and cheese or Ramen noodles?

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day of your life.”

You will never get bored

If not, entrepreneurship may not be for you. It’s often the personal sacrifices that make the biggest difference. Would you sell your car and take public transportation to your office if that meant being able to invest more money into your business? Would you sell your house and move into a small apartment if that meant being able to grow your business faster?

5. Do you understand that your work/life balance will be extremely unbalanced in the beginning?

Most of your time will need to be allocated to your business in the beginning. You will see your friends and family less and miss out on a lot of the little things you used to do — like getting together for beers after work on a Friday and taking weekend trips. Instead, you’ll have long nights at the office and work-filled weekends.

You have to be willing to put in the time and effort in the beginning. When you start a business, everything is on your shoulders. It’s an enormous amount of pressure that some can’t handle. Over time you will be able to create a healthier work/life balance, but understand that it will be very unbalanced in the early years.

6. Can you envision your success?

You need to wake up envisioning your success. You need to have that picture engraved in your head. You need to dream about it when you go to sleep.

So, have you answered “yes” yet?


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