ISP USER RECORD (thoughts)

Aoa hope everything fine last days i was working on my semester project of database .PS Database is a core subject of my course i have to devolep a fully functional database system and free to use ant frontend application. me and my project mate are decided to make front end in android but after few days because i am not able to work on android i lose my interest on it. i started working on PHP spreatedly but database of both of us was centralized i dont have any background knowlwdge of web or php but i have passion to do and trust that i am able to do it & at last in 5 days i have done with it.We face lots of difficulties making the project but at last we made it later i have uploaded source files on github also.Our Teacher Dr.Eraj Khan gave us excellent & good remarks.This project makes me very confident The result is a person can do any thing if he/she is commited to him/herself & trust on his/her skills.


You can access project via


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