My Visit to Telecom Opreator POP

Recently i visited A telecom company POP(Point of presence -a remote network operations center).I am not mentioning the place & the person who get me in there because there are some secrecy concerns & some confidential information, pop is located somewhere in Pakistan which is operated by a most powerful telecom company having fiber backbone in probably all cities of Pakistan, the pop where I went connects some major cities including Islamabad, Murree, Taxila, Abbottabad,Mansehra and some small cities on way.

Telecom (2)

The NOC was full of Routers, switches, firewalls and media converter & fiber metro switch connecting some corporates including universities comsats etc. The operator had maintained tier 2 standards.

BTS of Warid telecom is also located on 2nd floor  of building which is On 4G LTE most advanced (not always because LTE advanced pro (4.5G)is already deployed by some operators) but is was good and professionally maintained.

Although it was a great experience for me i have spent almost 10 hours there to understand the network topologies and actual in/out.

What are the hardware the NOC equipped with


I am sharing some pictures of NOC


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