AJK FPSC B17 – Scam or Strike on Employee Rights?

I am out of blogging but this issue forced me to write about an alleged scam (or may be blunder) of Azad Jammu Kashmir Government.

Around 10 years ago, AJK government hired around 500 people on FPSC BS17 as lecturers/Computer teachers without PSC on contract.  They were told that they will be given PSC exam and get themselves permanent.

Government notified the employees about the exam just a week ago.

The government came out of sleep 10 years after their recruitment to give PSC exam. Each candidate had to obtain 50 marks out 100 to pass the exam.

Question papers was completely plagiarized and was lacking originality. 

Most of the questions asked in that questionnaire were out of scope for the old employees. Yes, indeed they did their degrees a decade ago.

If PSC members can’t produce an original paper, do they deserve to head to the committee to hire the people in the same field?

Old employees include many females as well, earning bread for their family. If they get fired, they can’t apply for another job due to the age factor.

This issue isn’t about the merit, but the bread and milk of 500 families. 

The protest, which is the democratic right of every citizen of an independent state, lead to the arrest of many employees by police.

Questions and their sources

I have attached some images which are Just for originality reference if anyone is interested in checking every question I have uploaded question paper just write words from question in google & result will be shown instantly.

Download Question Paper Click here 

Questions are copied in such manner that even choices are not shuffled, formatting is exactly similar.



Question 4






Question 6




Question 7





Question 36





Question 37





Question 39


Most used sites 1 night before making question paper.

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